Hermes SEG Version: 14.04-32 Build: 170619 Released


  • Pro Version Only - Added feature to manage 3rd Party Antivirus Malware Feeds under "Content Checks --> Antivirus Signature Feeds". This feature currently support Malware Feeds from Linux Malware Detect, Malware Patrol, Sanesecurity, SecuriteInfo and Yara Rules.
  • Pro Version Only - Added feature to bypass problematic Antivirus signatures under "Content Checks --> Antivirus Signature Bypass".
  • Added feature to set System Log retention period under "System --> System Logs". Prior to this feature, the system defaulted to retaining 180 days worth of System Logs. On busy systems this caused the System Logs to be tens of millions of entries long in the database which made searches very slow and inconvenient. Now, the system defaults to retaining only 30-days worth of System Logs. This can be adjusted to 60 Days, 90 Days, 120 Days or 180 Days as required for your organization.
  • Pro Version Only - Added Release Notes feature under "System --> System Update".


  • Re-designed "System --> System Logs" and made the Simple Search and Advanced Search sections more intuitive.


Download the latest version from: