Hermes SEG Version: 16.04-64 Build: 180831 Released

It has taken us a long time, but it's finally here!

This version of Hermes SEG is based on Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit as opposed to the old version which was based on Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit. There were a LOT of fixes and new features added. 


  1. Added option to set Port Number on IP Address Destination & Host Name Destination under "Gateway --> Relay Domains".
  2. Added option to specify MX Lookup under Host Name Destination under "Gateway --> Relay Domains --> Relay Domain with Host Name Destination". If MX Lookup is checked, it will set the system to perform an MX lookup in order to deliver the email for the specified Relay Domain.
  3. Added option to specify root MySQL username and password when creating Backup, Restore and Archive Jobs. The system will now check for valid MySQL credentials before allowing you to add any jobs.
  4. Added option to specify whether or not restoring a backup from previous Hermes SEG Version under "System --> System Restore". This will enable smooth migration from Hermes SEG 12.04 or Hermes SEG 14.04 to Hermes SEG 16.04.
  5. Added enhanced backup and restore logging into log files that will get created under the SMB share that the backup or the restore job will run from.
  6. Added additional "7 Days" and "15 Days" system log retention periods under "System --> System Logs".
  7. Added SMB version fields in every section of the system that required specifying connections to SMB shares. This change allows people to connect to SMB shares that don't have SMBv1 enabled.


  1. Fixed issue with exception error while attempting to delete Automatic Users under "Encryption --> External Recipient Encryption".
  2. Re-programmed much of the code in every section of the system that required IP address/Network settings in order to make it faster and more streamlined.
  3. Re-programmed serial number activation in order to prevent people from signing up for trial serials every 30-days and never paying for the Hermes SEG Pro versions. Consequently, we turned off activations for any Hermes SEG Version 14.04-32 appliances. 
  4. Upgraded Ciphermail to version 4.1.2-1.
  5. Upgraded Lucee to which consequently upgraded Java to 8 Update 181.
  6. Made numerous code changes to accomodate new version of Lucee.
  7. Fixed issue with exception error while attempting to Create Certificate Authority, create/import S/MIME Certificates and PGP Keystores.
  8. Streamlined some of the code under "System --> Message History & Archive" and made it significantly faster.