Requirements and Recommendations

  • Hermes SEG should be behind a network perimeter firewall for best security.
  • Network Firewall rule to allow inbound traffic to Hermes SEG IP address over TCP/25 and TCP/9080
  • Network Firewall rule to allow the Hermes SEG IP address outbound Internet access over the following Ports:
  1. UDP/53 (DNS)
  2. TCP/53 (DNS)
  3. TCP/80 (HTTP)
  4. TCP/443 (HTTPS)
  5. TCP/25 (SMTP)
  6. TCP/2703 (Cloudmark)
  7. UDP/6277 (DCC Antispam)
  8. TCP/123 (NTP)
  9. UDP/123 (NTP)
  10. TCP/873 (Rsync)
  11. UDP/873 (Rsync)
  • 8 GB of virtual RAM and at least 4 virtual CPU cores for best performance
  • At least 275 GB of storage space on virtual host. Hermes SEG Appliance hard drives are thin provisioned. The 275 GB of storage will be needed once the email archive starts filling up. The rate the archive fills up greatly depends on the amount of email traffic. For low to medium email traffic a 5 year email retention is not out of the question.