Hosted Exchange Signup

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Select whether you want to be billed Monthly or annually and select whether you want an Individual or a Group account. If you choose Group Account type, you will be prompted to enter the number of mailboxes you want and then click the Calculate button. In the case of Individual Accounts, the maximum number of mailboxes is 1 so the system auto-fills the number mailboxes to 1. In the case of a Group account the minimum number of mailboxes is 2.

Select Billing Type*
Monthly  ($9.95/month per mailbox charged once per month)
Annually  ($6.60/month per mailbox charged once per year) BEST VALUE Save over 33% off monthly cost
Select Account Type*
INDIVIDUAL account (Maximum 1 Mailbox. Recommended for personal use)
GROUP account (Minimum 2 Mailboxes. Recommended for Corporate Use)
Number of Mailboxes*