Hermes SEG Version: 16.04-64 Build: 190415 Released


  1. Added "Content Checks --> Global Sender Block/Allow List". This allows to globally allow email addresses or domains to bypass ALL Spam, Virus and Banned File checks to all recipients in the system. Additionally, it allows to globally block email addresses or domain to all recipipients in the system.
  2. Added "Content Checks --> SPF Configuration". This allows to configure various aspects of the SPF subsystem.
  3. Added "Content Checks --> SPF Bypass". This allows to bypass all SPF checks by IP Address, Network Address, HELO Host, Domain and PTR domain.
  4. Added "Content Checks --> DKIM Sender Bypass". This allows to bypass all DKIM checks by domain.
  5. Added DMARC checks and reporting subsystem. Added entry under "Content Checks --> Perimenter Checks --> DMARC" to allow to enable/disable DMARC. Additionally added "Content Checks --> DMARC Configuration" to allow configuration of various aspects of DMARC subsystem.
  6. Added "MySQL OpenDMARC Database Username" and "MySQL OpenDMARC Database Password" fields under "System --> System Settings' in order to accomodate newly added DMARC functionality.


  1. Changed "Content Checks --> Sender Checks Bypass" to "Content Checks --> Sender to Recipient Block/Allow List".
  2. Added "Object Class" under "System --> AD Integration" in order to allow for more granular configuration of AD connections. 
  3. Fixed issue with system not allowing to add more than one similarly named or similarly configured AD connection. You can now add as many AD connections to the same domain as needed.
  4. Reconfigured message types under "Content Checks --> Message History & Archive" and removed the action taken associated with each message type and instead added separate "Action" column to indicate whether message was Delivered or Blocked regardless of the message type.
  5. Moved the Enable/Disable functionality for SPF and DKIM under "Content Checks --> Perimeter Checks".
  6. Added new SPF and DKIM specific Spam Filter tests under "Content Checks -->  Custom Spam Filter Tests" in order to improve spam detection.
  7. Fixed issue with missing "Loading" graphic when navigating to "System --> Mail Queue Management".